Faster eSigning with Nitro Sign

Sign, send, and track. Our easy-to-use eSignature solution helps you stay productive while working remotely and keeps your business moving forward.

eSign without limits

Unlimited eSigning for any type of workflow

Whether it’s self-signing, expediting unlimited eSignature requests, or adding multiple signature recipients in a custom signing order, Nitro Sign has you covered. Some plans also enhance the signing experience with custom branding and bulk signing.

Unlimited eSignatures in any workflow

Get eSignatures anytime, anywhere

Some signatures simply can’t wait. With Nitro Sign, recipients can eSign 24/7 from any web browser on their computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Electronic signatures anywhere and anytime

Sign forms and documents faster

Get signatures in minutes, not days. Fill out forms and drag-and-drop fields to quickly apply or request electronic signatures with just a few clicks. Use nudge reminders and notifications to support faster response times.

Forms and documents signed faster

Track all document activity

Monitor progress by tracking who has viewed, shared, commented on, or signed a document. You’ll also receive real-time notifications as a document moves through the online signature process to keep you informed every step of the way. You can even download the audit trail.

Keep track of all document activity

Eliminate the need to print

No need to print, sign, scan, and return a document to get a legally binding signature. Nitro Sign saves time, paper, and printing costs by facilitating electronic signatures for your most common documents—from POs, offer letters, contracts, and NDAs to leases, rental agreements, and more.

Eliminate printing with electronic signatures

eSigning FAQs

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature (also known as “eSignature” or “online signature”) is the electronic equivalent of signing a document with a handwritten signature. Legally binding, secure, and accepted for over 20 years, electronic signatures are routinely used for commercial agreements, employee documents, consumer agreements, and more.

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How does an online signature differ from a digital signature?

All digital signatures are electronic signatures, but not all electronic signatures are digital signatures. Digital signatures verify a signer’s identity using their unique digital certificate, which a signer can purchase from a trusted vendor. Whereas eSignatures usually identify signers through audit trails (which track users’ IP addresses and activity within a document), digital signatures identify signers through encryption and digital certificates. You can think of them as the digital version of a notarized signature.

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Are electronic signatures secure?

Whether you’re US based, or international, Nitro Sign is compliant with both the US and the EU eSignature legislation.

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Are electronic signatures legal?

Under the ESIGN and UETA acts in the U.S. and the eIDAS regulation in the EU, eSignatures are equally as legally binding as handwritten signatures.

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