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Nitro Sign FAQs

Can I self-sign a document on Nitro Sign?

Yes, you can self-sign a document on NitroSign.com.

Can I sign a document on mobile?

Yes, you can eSign a document on any mobile device or web browser.

How many requests can I send?

Nitro Sign allows you to send unlimited eSignature requests.

What document formats does Nitro Sign support?

PDFs, Microsoft office formats (.doc, .docx, .xlsx, .ppt) and images (jpg/jpeg).

What file storage integrations are in Nitro Sign?

Nitro Sign allows you to access and store documents from any web browser or mobile device to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Office 365, and Box.

How does Nitro Sign compare to DocuSign®?

DocuSign is well-known, but it’s not the only (or best!) eSigning solution out there. Nitro Sign is the new eSignature solution you may not know about yet—but definitely should.

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How do I sign an agreement?

You can self-sign documents as specified here.

How do I add an electronic signature to a PDF with Nitro Sign?

Sign into Nitro Sign, and select your document. Add the recipient you want to sign the document. Drag and drop the information you need from the recipient from a list of fields into the document. Select Request Signature.

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How do I create an electronic signature with Nitro Sign?

Sign into Nitro Sign, and select Tools and then select Sign. Open the document you need to sign, click on your name, and select from a list of pre-populated stored signatures.

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How do recipients sign documents with Nitro Sign?

They will receive a signature request email with a secure link to the document to be signed. They will then be directed to each of the fields that need to be filled, and once complete can submit the signed document.

Note: A Nitro Sign account is not needed to sign a request.

Can I forward a signature request?

Yes, you can forward an eSignature request with Nitro Sign by selecting the Options menu on the opened document and selecting the Assign to someone else option. Signature request emails should never be forwarded as they contain a secure link to the document intended for the original recipient only.

Do recipients need a Nitro account to sign a document?

No, you can send an eSignature request to anybody, regardless of whether or not they have a Nitro account. The recipient does not need to sign up for a Nitro account to eSign your document. All they need is a valid email address.

Are Nitro Sign’s eSignatures legally binding?

Nitro Sign’s eSignatures are legally binding, secure, and compliant with U.S. and EU eSignature legislation.Learn more about this legislation »

What's included in audit-history?

Nitro Sign provides a detailed audit-history of all the activity associated with a document from Nitro Sign. You can easily download the audit trail to review details highlighting all document information, active users, and document history.

What kind of support can I access?

Community Forumwhere you will find a large selection of helpful topics and the opportunity to post questions and suggestions for product improvements (simply create or log in to a Community account to post suggestions).

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Knowledge Base where you will find a vast selection of help articles that cover all common product questions for Nitro.

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User Guidewhere you will find information about the functionality and features in Nitro Sign.

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Nitro Sign Pricing FAQs

Will my monthly/annual subscription be renewed automatically?

Paid plan subscriptions will renew automatically on your selected monthly or annual subscription billing cycle. View Nitro Sign plans »

How do I get Nitro Sign for Enterprise?

Nitro Sign Enterprise will be available soon. Contact our sales team to get details.

Electronic Signature FAQs

How does an electronic signature differ from a digital signature?

All digital signatures are electronic signatures, but not all electronic signatures are digital signatures. Digital signatures verify a signer’s identity using their unique digital certificate, which a signer can purchase from a trusted vendor. Whereas eSignatures usually identify signers through audit trails (which track users’ IP addresses and activity within a document), digital signatures identify signers through encryption and digital certificates. You can think of them as the digital version of a notarized signature.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature (also known as “eSignature” or “online signature”) is the electronic equivalent of signing a document with a handwritten signature. Legally binding, secure, and accepted for over 20 years, electronic signatures are routinely used for commercial agreements, employee documents, consumer agreements, and more.Learn more about electronic signatures »

Are electronic signatures secure?

Whether you’re US based, or international, Nitro Sign is compliant with both the US and the EU eSignature legislation.Learn more about electronic signature security »

Are electronic signatures legal?

Under the ESIGN and UETA acts in the U.S. and the eIDAS regulation in the EU, eSignatures are equally as legally binding as handwritten signatures.Learn more about this legislation »

Who is a sender?

A sender is the person who sends the signature request or shares a document.